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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Last week I started my degree, which explains the lack of blog posts. I have around 2 months before my first module is due so it's not as if I don't have time to do anything else, it's just that I've been really enjoying working on it. Today I'm going to take a break and meet with my work buds in town because yesterday I think I melted my brain (and my back, crouching over my desk drawing and writing all day for my summative assignments).

I'm 99% sure I've completed my formative assignments so I'm not doing bad to say I only officially started on the 15th. If you want to see my sketches, mood boards and other coursework bits, follow me on Instagram. I update my stories a lot with what I'm working on.

Last Saturday I visited my best friend in Nottingham and did a bit of shopping. It was the first day of the Christmas market and Winter Wonderland event so you can imagine how busy it was. We went mostly to buy up the entirety of Søstrene Grene because they have their new Christmas range in, but on our way there we got distracted by a big ol' Morphe store.

Morphe made their way over to the UK last year, opening in London and Birmingham, but now they're popping up all over. I'm going to Newcastle next week and knew they had one there, but I had no clue about the one in Nottingham so we had a wander in...

It's such a crazy store, they have music blasting at 800 decibels and everyone is dolled up to the nines. I felt so out of place, but I wanted to buy something anyway. I've been eyeing up the Morphe x Jeffree Star JS22 brush online for a few days and thought I'd see if they had any in stock - turns out I bagged the last one. I also wanted a lip gloss, so I opted for the very safe and versatile shade Frolic (it looks extremely pink and glittery on the website but it's a little more muted than that in real life). I originally wanted Pixie but I think they were all out.

I also couldn't believe they had Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star make-up left - they only had a couple of liquid lipsticks but none of them were my cup of tea. I can appreciate the colour of Shane though, so unusual.

Hope everyone has a brill week.

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