Christmas wreaths

Thursday, November 07, 2019
I'm so glad it's officially OK to talk about Christmas now. 🎄

I'm starting the season with a post about wreaths. I don't think a house is fully decorated for Christmas until there's a wreath on the front door. It's the icing on the cake for many.

While I was scouring the web for wreaths to feature in this post, I found some untraditional ones that I thought were particularly beautiful - ones that have been knitted in thick, cloud-like wool, ones made of rustic birchwood, and ones made of felt. I love Christmas decor that's a bit more unconventional. No-one wants the same old stuff as everyone else.

We have changed our Christmas decoration style and colour scheme this year (made a Pinterest board for it!) so we're on the lookout for new trimmings. Posts like these have been giving me a lot of inspiration so I hope it helps some of you. :-)

I'll be putting out more Christmas content very soon!

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