Outfits inspired by interiors

Sunday, October 27, 2019
The thing I love the most about interior design and fashion is being able to have fun and experiment with different colour combinations, patterns and textures. I love expressing my style and tastes through the clothes I wear and the way my home looks. 

I found five amazing interior images from Pinterest that I felt would be great to base an outfit around. I went for interiors that had interesting colours, patterns or textures so I could showcase various different kinds of looks. I'm inspired by so many different fashion and interior styles and my tastes are very broad so I found selecting the pieces for each interior a lot of fun, and once you come across that one item that makes you go !!!!!, the outfit all falls into place like dominoes.

Hope you like the looks I've put together! Interior images are credited.

1. Blush & Black Velvet

2. Seafoam with Golden Accents

3. Art Deco with Pops of Colour

4. Plum & Sand

5. Vintage Tones with Checkered Details 


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