Throwback: Renishaw Hall & Gardens

Friday, August 30, 2019
Chesterfield, UK
Long time ago I used to have a Flickr account (I was @deedsofthedanes) where I uploaded all my film photos, but Flickr has since gone a bit south so a year or two ago I exported all my photos and deleted my account, leaving a lot of my favourite photos sitting in folders on my computer not doing a great deal. 

I used to adore film photography and I still do, but now I don't take my camera out as much as I used to. Film's pricey, cameras are bulky, and I like the instant-ness of taking pictures on a phone, plus with apps like VSCO and Kuji Cam you can make photos look like they've been taken on film with the click of a filter. Granted, a phone camera will never capture the magic like film does, so I'm tempted to go back to using my Canon (Sure Shot 105u, an excellent charity shop find).

Way back in spring 2014 my mum and I visited Renishaw Hall. The house was closed as it is still a family home and only opens a few days during the summer, but the gardens are usually always open. These are some of my favourite photos I've ever taken, but I think the camera does most of the work here. Film makes everything look 100x better without me even trying, I just point and click. Still very proud of how they turned out.

I ran out of colour film towards the end of our visit so there are a couple of black and white shots at the bottom. They always have this mystical green tinge to them which makes them look like authentic old photos. ♡

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