A weekend in Norfolk

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Norfolk, UK
On Friday morning, my brother and I set out on a loooong journey to Norfolk.

We arrived at my dad and step-mum's house sit in Wymondham in the early afternoon and took the homeowner's gorgeous dog for a walk around the village to get to know the place. Rain cut our walk short so we hunkered down back at the house, had a huge carbfest for dinner (spaghetti, turkey meatballs, mac and cheese... it was heavenly), then retired to the living room to watch Baby Driver (with the homeowner's adorable fluffy cat by my side). Slept like a baby that night in the comfiest bed ever. Makes my bed feel like a pile of bricks.

Saturday we headed off to Wroxham to take a boat out onto the Norfolk Broads.

I can now say that I have driven a boat, but never driven a car. Kinda proud!

It was a gorgeous day, the sun was in and out for most of the day but it stayed fairly dry. Absolutely loved being on the water, made me high key want a boat (even if the one we were in reached a maximum speed of 5mph). We spent a few hours on and around the Broads before setting off into Norwich - I really wanted to check out the helter-skelter they have inside Norwich Cathedral...

It was, as I expected, bloody ace.

Norwich is a stunning city and I got to see some incredible buildings and streets that look like they're straight out of a medieval painting.

After a long day, we headed home, ordered Indian food, and watched the last half of Captain America: Winter Soldier on TV.

Late Sunday morning we set off for Cromer to have a wander around the carnival. The sun was intense this day, and because I'm a massive (very pale) moron who doesn't apply suncream all over, I got some pretty bad sunburn on my chest (and a little on my nose). The carnival was immense and just bustling with people, cool cars, good food, loud music, and plenty of classic fairground rides. Took a picture of the sparkliest car I could find...

Cromer beach is beautiful, I could spend hours there combing the beach for weird-looking stones and bits of sea glass, a 'hobby' I'm sure my dad and step-mum begrudgingly remember from our holiday to Cyprus when I was a kid and I wanted to take half the beach home with me. Rocks are cool, OK?

Next we passed on through to Sheringham where I proceeded to immediately drop my phone in a car park and smash it to smithereens, so no photos were taken in Sheringham unfortunately. I took solace in the fact that I had phone insurance and instead of screaming into the void I enjoyed a big ol' banana milkshake with vanilla ice cream and a couple of vineger-doused chips on the sea front.

My brother and I set off for t'north at about half 4 after we'd both thoroughly scorched ourselves in the sun.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with three people I adore in a stunning part of the country, and on top of that we got to spend the weekend in a lovely house with two of the sweetest animals. It doesn't get much better.

Note: Something I haven't talked about yet on my blog or socials is that my dad is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Thankfully, the radiotherapy and chemo has gotten rid of the lump on his tonsils which is amazing news, but the side effects of having radio and chemo are making him feel dreadful. Thankfully his treatment is coming to an end soon and in a few weeks he will be on the mend and feeling better. Cancer sucks big time. I'm beyond grateful that treatment's worked for him and things will be looking up real soon.

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