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Thursday, August 01, 2019

More journal pages!

I've just hit the middle of my notebook and it's August 1st so I think I'm doing well with spacing things out; I was concerned at first I'd fill it up too quickly and have to go into a new notebook before the year's finished. How annoying would that be?

In related news, I recently bought a Filofax Clipbook that I'm using as an agenda to keep track of appointments, work shifts, plans, finances and to-do lists. I got mine in the gorgeous shade Vista Blue.

Update on my last post - I found the perfect pen! I was having so many problems with 'fine' gel ink pens being too thick and runny (and even the best pens would still smudge), so I eventually opted for a needle-thin ballpoint pen instead by the brand OHTO. It has the tiniest nib I've ever seen and writes lovely. A ballpoint wasn't my first choice but it turns out it works just as well and I'm enjoying writing with it far more than any of my other pens. You can pick OHTO Horizon pens up at Cult Pens and they come in 8 colours.

As usual, 99% of my stickers are from Aliexpress, the music and book paper is from Siopbachfi on Etsy, and the colourful world stamps were from a vintage market. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen a few of these photos, sorry 'bout that.

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