A tiny barn in Gloucestershire

Wednesday, August 07, 2019
I adore this beautiful barn that sits on the edge of a wildflower meadow in Gloucestershire, complete with a babbling brook and a dozen sheep. The inside boasts an eclectic collection of furniture and decor from across the centuries to give it an age-old feel.

The barn was decorated by antique dealer and designer Christopher Howe who describes its interior as having a "pleasingly unpretentious mix of well-designed objects that bear the scuffs and bruises of a well-lived life."

I just love the rustic feel of this barn. The wooden wall and ceiling panelling, the stone slabs in the kitchen, the mismatched furniture, and the disheveled upholstery screams rural cottage charm. The fact that this barn was decorated in eight weeks and looks so well-lived in is astounding. Howe used decor and furniture he himself had been hoarding for 25 years.

Photographs © Paul Massey. Originally featured in House & Garden.

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