Heatwave attire

Thursday, July 25, 2019

So, Britain has turned into a giant furnace and we're losing our minds. The warmth and sun is beautiful, but no air conditioning anywhere means everyone is drowning in their own sweat at all times.

If like me you have a strong love/hate relationship (mostly hate) with summer, there's not much you can do but try and deal with it in the best way possible which means, 1) floaty outfits, 2) ice cream, 3) an iced drink of your choice, and 4) a fan pointed directly at your face.

For this post I thought I'd share some ideal heatwave outfits to keep you cool. Nothing's too clingy so you'll be extra comfortable. Oh, and don't forget sunscreen. Please don't forget sunscreen!

And for those of you in the south where temperatures are hitting 38°C... godspeed.

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