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Saturday, July 20, 2019

I've started to love blue in the home more this year. I love luxurious deep blues right through to pale sea blues with a pinch of green. Teal and duck egg blue have been long-time favourites of mine but it can be hard at first to figure out other colours to pair them with.

A monochromatic theme works great, but I love pairing blue with lilac as they suit each other really well. They're similar in tone (blue and purple being next to each other on the colour wheel) but still contrast one another. Teal with coral is a classic combo as they are perfectly harmonious opposites. Pastels look sweet together too, like pale blues, greens and yellows for a soft and youthful spring-inspired scheme. See below for the colours I've paired together and some paint recommendations.

What to pair with different shades of blue:

Top left: Punchy dark teal with a vibrant coral. Try Air Force Blue by Little Greene and Delilah by Earthborn.
Top right: A softer teal with a soothing lilac. Try Blue Reflection by Dulux and Rosie Posie by Earthborn.
Bottom left: Navy with warm lavender. Try Dock Blue and Hortense by Little Greene.
Bottom right: An icy pale blue with a refreshing pastel green. Try Whisker and Sapling by Earthborn.

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