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Saturday, June 22, 2019
I thought I'd revive this series where I showcase six of my fave Instagram accounts as I have been spending so much more time on Instagram recently and really loving it. I used to post once (pushing it twice) a week because I was so uninspired by everything around me, but in the last month I've remembered just how much fun photography can be and how there is beauty all around us to capture. I don't need to travel the world or even travel far from my house to get a great Instagram picture. Being a bit more spontaneous with my photos has made using the app so much more enjoyable.

I also went on an unfollowing spree around two months ago and instead followed more accounts that that were inspiring and relevant to my interests, so my feed is now a pleasant place to scroll through and not a cesspool of people and things that make me feel inadequate.

So here are 6 more Instagram accounts I highly recommend you follow.

P.S. I am over at @marchninetyfour.

milkyafternoon (beauty)

amberinteriors (interiors)

thebrokenanny (beauty)

styleidealist (fashion)

shopivyjoan (vintage)

aliciameli (lifestyle)

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