6 of my favourite Instagrammers / 4

Saturday, June 22, 2019

I thought I'd revive this series where I showcase six of my fave Instagram accounts as I have been spending so much more time on Instagram recently and really loving it. I used to post once (pushing it twice) a week because I was so uninspired by everything around me, but in the last month I've remembered just how much fun photography can be and how there is beauty all around us to capture. I don't need to travel the world or even travel far from my house to get a great Instagram picture. Being a bit more spontaneous with my photos has made using the app so much more enjoyable.

I also went on an unfollowing spree around two months ago and instead followed more accounts that that were inspiring and relevant to my interests, so my feed is now a pleasant place to scroll through and not a cesspool of people and things that make me feel inadequate.

So here are 6 more Instagram accounts I highly recommend you follow.

P.S. I am over at @marchninetyfour.

milkyafternoon (beauty)

amberinteriors (interiors)

thebrokenanny (beauty)

styleidealist (fashion)

shopivyjoan (vintage)

aliciameli (lifestyle)

Opulent prints & embellishments by Ulla Johnson

Monday, June 17, 2019

I was browsing Net-a-Porter this morning ogling all the clothes I can't afford when I stumbled upon Ulla Johnson's gorgeous prints and patterns. I get both a Tudor and 1970s vibe from these pieces; a weird mix, yes, but it works beautifully. The embellishment on the first design is simply stunning, and I love the colours in the fourth dress.

Journaling, new specs & a book recommendation

Saturday, June 15, 2019

It's been a loooooong time since my last 'everyday life' post. 

Sometimes I find it difficult to write about things I've been up to or what's been happening in my personal life because it feels redundant, but then other times I'm happy to waffle. Today I felt like writing about the last week or two because for once it was fairly interesting.

I recently completed my interior design diploma! I had a blast doing that course, I learnt so, so much and it made me even more passionate about interior design. I remember at uni thinking that doing a creative writing course would do the same thing, but I left with absolutely no desire to write ever again and I was worried that was going to happen to me this time round but I'm relieved it didn't. I'm still absolutely obsessed with interiors, I just don't know where to go from here...

I also got some new specs. I had every intention last Wednesday of going into Specsavers to get my new lenses put into my old glasses, but that would've worked out more expensive than getting new ones, so that's what I ended up doing. I got some new sunnies for free, too. Love the new style of my glasses, they have more of a rounded shape and they're a kind of grey-black tortoiseshell rather than brown. I love the rounded look, they feel very 70s inspired.

Something I'm weirdly proud of is that I've nearly finished a book. Yes, that's correct, nearly finished a BOOK. Shocking coming from me, the serial book abandoner. This book grabbed me from the first page and it has been a wild ride. I've been reading Still Standing: The Life and Career of Elton John. I picked it up in The Works for £4 and I haven't put it down for a week straight. I've been reading it at home, on the loo, at work... I can't stop. It's fantastic. I haven't loved a book this much in years.

Anyone who enjoys biographies or Elton John in particular, this book is a must. I have actually just added it to Goodreads myself because it wasn't on there before. I think it's a newly released edition of a 2007 book about EJ, but I couldn't figure out which one.

My journal is filling up nicely - I bought some cool vintage book pages and music sheets from Etsy to add to my spreads and I may have an addiction to buying stickers off AliExpress. I haven't enjoyed working on a journal this much since I was a kid. I post quite a few snippets of my journal on Instagram if you're interested in seeing what else I've done. The clippings stickers above are by Tim Holtz and are from Hobbycraft.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

A selection of summer dresses

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Dresses are a summer staple; they're floaty, they're easy-breezy, and they're so gosh darn lovely. 

I have upped my summer dress collection this year by picking up a few flouncy floral numbers to float around in when it's too hot to function, so I thought I'd select a few of my favourites from the web for anyone else who is on the look out to add some special pieces to their wardrobe this year.

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