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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I have been looking for cool taupe brow products for a long time now. I used to use the Graphic Brow Fix and the Graphic Brows Pencil by ZOEVA, but I only really enjoyed the pencil. The brow gel got really gloopy over time and the brush was too wide. The pencil was great, I just didn't feel like re-buying it, so I looked into something else I'd had my eye on - Benefit's Gimme Brow.

Gimme Brow is excellent. The colour is spot on and the brush is small enough to comb through my brows without making a mess. The only problem is - it's expensive! And for such a tiny product?! Even on eBay with a couple of £££ knocked off it's still too much for me to spend on an eyebrow product. I came across brow products on H&M recently and figured I'd try them out seeing as they were very affordable. I got a pencil and a fibre gel both in the shade Espresso and they are pretty great. 

The gel is a lot darker than the pencil, so when I applied it I ran a spoolie through my eyebrow to redistribute the product a little so it didn't come off as too intense. This matches my roots well as they're a dark (kind of grey?!) blonde and I love being able to add a quick wash of colour through my brows on days where I don't want to spend a lot of time doing my make-up. This gel is ideal for those with cool-toned hair, just maybe brush some of the excess product off before coating your brows if you're blonde.

The pencil is nice to apply, it is a perfect colour match for my natural eyebrows so this is nice to fill in any sparse areas or to do my whole brow with when I have the time. I don't use pencils very often but I like to have one on hand when I find gaps in my brows that a gel can't fix.

I also bought this cream-to-powder eyeshadow in the shade Champers. It has a mousse-like formula that turns into a luxuriously soft powder when blended onto the skin. Champers is rose gold shade with a slight shimmer which I love in a product like this. It's one of those products that is so easy to swipe across the lid for a lazy but beautiful eye look.

I had no clue it had a moussey consistency when I first opened it and went to swatch it, straight up sticking my finger right in the middle of the product and completely ruining it. :)))))

I'm basically going for that minimalist, Glossier-inspired, no-makeup make-up vibe without spending Glossier prices. So if anyone's looking for cool-toned brow products or eyeshadows with interesting textures, H&M has you covered.

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