I bought a Nintendo DS Lite

Sunday, May 05, 2019
For a few months now I've been looking into buying a Nintendo DS. 

I have the original silver DS which I lost the charger to a while ago and haven't bothered to replace, plus I hate how bulky and uncomfortable it is to hold. I scoured eBay and Depop until I came across the most perfect deal - I found a red, barely used Nintendo DS Lite with two games, a charger and two styluses for £25. 

I recieved two brain training games free with the console, but I'm currently playing Super Scribblenauts and Animal Crossing: Wild World (I buy most of my games second hand off eBay because new they are stupid expensive). Next game I want is the New Super Mario Bros. so I'm keeping my eye out for that on eBay.

I felt like getting back into gaming because I loved my Game Boy and Nintendo consoles as a kid and I kinda miss them. Being an adult can be boring so why not play Animal Crossing on the bus, you know? Pay off your debt to Tom Nook on the way to your actual job.

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