Listen: Tiny Dancer by Elton John & Taron Egerton

Monday, May 27, 2019

Watched Rocketman today. It was incredible, I loved every minute. I'm already waiting to go see it again.

I also loved hearing Taron Egerton sing because he has the voice of an angel. I urge you to watch this video of him singing Tiny Dancer with Elton John. I just love him.

Recent beauty purchases from H&M

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I have been looking for cool taupe brow products for a long time now. I used to use the Graphic Brow Fix and the Graphic Brows Pencil by ZOEVA, but I only really enjoyed the pencil. The brow gel got really gloopy over time and the brush was too wide. The pencil was great, I just didn't feel like re-buying it, so I looked into something else I'd had my eye on - Benefit's Gimme Brow.

Gimme Brow is excellent. The colour is spot on and the brush is small enough to comb through my brows without making a mess. The only problem is - it's expensive! And for such a tiny product?! Even on eBay with a couple of £££ knocked off it's still too much for me to spend on an eyebrow product. I came across brow products on H&M recently and figured I'd try them out seeing as they were very affordable. I got a pencil and a fibre gel both in the shade Espresso and they are pretty great. 

The gel is a lot darker than the pencil, so when I applied it I ran a spoolie through my eyebrow to redistribute the product a little so it didn't come off as too intense. This matches my roots well as they're a dark (kind of grey?!) blonde and I love being able to add a quick wash of colour through my brows on days where I don't want to spend a lot of time doing my make-up. This gel is ideal for those with cool-toned hair, just maybe brush some of the excess product off before coating your brows if you're blonde.

The pencil is nice to apply, it is a perfect colour match for my natural eyebrows so this is nice to fill in any sparse areas or to do my whole brow with when I have the time. I don't use pencils very often but I like to have one on hand when I find gaps in my brows that a gel can't fix.

I also bought this cream-to-powder eyeshadow in the shade Champers. It has a mousse-like formula that turns into a luxuriously soft powder when blended onto the skin. Champers is rose gold shade with a slight shimmer which I love in a product like this. It's one of those products that is so easy to swipe across the lid for a lazy but beautiful eye look.

I had no clue it had a moussey consistency when I first opened it and went to swatch it, straight up sticking my finger right in the middle of the product and completely ruining it. :)))))

I'm basically going for that minimalist, Glossier-inspired, no-makeup make-up vibe without spending Glossier prices. So if anyone's looking for cool-toned brow products or eyeshadows with interesting textures, H&M has you covered.

A luxurious berry-toned bedroom

Sunday, May 19, 2019

This is my last mood board for a bit, I feel like I may have spammed my blog with them so it's time to take a short break. Normal blogging will resume shortly.

I love this bedroom colour scheme - that bedding with the gold, mauve and rust tones in it makes my heart sing. I feel like this room would be so cosy with the dark wood furniture and flooring, the gold accents, and those pops of red-russet in the armchair and curtains.

A traditional bathroom with Scandi influences

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

An earthy toned living room

Monday, May 13, 2019

Fun additions to your journal or scrapbook

Sunday, May 12, 2019

I don't know if you can tell from my Instagram, but I'm kind of in love with journalling. I find it so therapeutic to work on and I love playing around with colourful pens, washis, and craft paper. If I'm ever having a down day I will add a page to my journal and knowing that I've done something creative for 10-15 minutes makes me feel warm and content.

I spend a lot of my spare time now trawling the internet for stickers and scrapbook paper that will add a bit of zhuzh~ to my journal pages. I'm constantly adding things to my Etsy favourites and bookmarking vintage ephemera to buy when pay day eventually arrives.

Here are some cool things I found on the world wide web. Enjoy!

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite

Sunday, May 05, 2019

For a few months now I've been looking into buying a Nintendo DS. 

I have the original silver DS which I lost the charger to a while ago and haven't bothered to replace, plus I hate how bulky and uncomfortable it is to hold. I scoured eBay and Depop until I came across the most perfect deal - I found a red, barely used Nintendo DS Lite with two games, a charger and two styluses for £25. 

I recieved two brain training games free with the console, but I'm currently playing Super Scribblenauts and Animal Crossing: Wild World (I buy most of my games second hand off eBay because new they are stupid expensive). Next game I want is the New Super Mario Bros. so I'm keeping my eye out for that on eBay.

I felt like getting back into gaming because I loved my Game Boy and Nintendo consoles as a kid and I kinda miss them. Being an adult can be boring so why not play Animal Crossing on the bus, you know? Pay off your debt to Tom Nook on the way to your actual job.
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