Snippets from my 2019 journal

Sunday, April 07, 2019
I started a brand new journal in early January. My old one was so crammed full that it wouldn't even close. I wanted a bigger journal this time round, and I also didn't want to cram it full of too many things that would bulk it up. I love a fresh clean start, so I found an empty plain kraft notebook I got from Paperchase years ago in the spare room and decided to dive in.

I wanted to show you some of the pages of my journal and what I've included this time round. I went absolutely nuts in Hobbycraft and on Etsy and AliExpress in January buying all the stationery, kraft card, stickers, memo pads, washi tape, coloured and patterned paper etc. Pretty stationery makes it all the more fun to work on.

I'm still searching for the perfect black fine pen to write in. Every one I find is too thick (even when it's described as 'fine') and they smudge so easily. Any recommendations? I just want something that won't smudge so fast and that doesn't look chunky and overly inky, y'know?

Any journalling or stationery q's, let me know below.


  1. Love the pictures!
    I've never been one for keeping a journal but I love the style in which you're keeping yours :D

    The Modern Bohemian

    1. Thank-you! I used to be a bit rubbish at keeping a journal too, but this year I feel really motivated to do it, especially because I have cute stickers and tape to do it with :-)


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