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Monday, April 29, 2019

I wanted to talk about my makeup routine today and go through all the products I use and love.

(CF) = Cruelty free.

Firstly I go in and apply Rimmel's BB Cream in the shade Very Light all over the face using my fingers or sometimes a buffing brush. I love this product a lot, it makes my skin look radiant and evens out redness. It gives me a tiny bit of coverage but mostly just makes my face look healthy and dewy. I don't use anything heavier in the day anymore, my foundation rarely leaves my make-up drawer at all.

If I need some extra spot coverage, I alternate between Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer in the shade Ivory and e.l.f's 16hr Camo Concealer in the shade Fair Warm (CF). The e.l.f concealer is really intense and has incredibly high coverage so you only need to use the tiniest amount.

I don't use powder that often, but when I need to take away some of the shine on my nose or give my cheeks a soft base for blusher, I use a little of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in the shade Light. I use a large stippling brush to stipple this in rather than swiping. If I have a big shiny red spot to cover I find this powder dulls down the redness a bit.

For blusher I use NCinc's Mineral Blush in the shade Sweet Cheeks (CF) - it is the most beautiful soft baby pink colour and I love this on the apples of my cheeks and on the tip of my nose. I do go a bit mad with blusher sometimes, and this one is quite pigmented so I'd suggest tapping a majority of the product off the brush before buffing in. This mineral blush is so lightweight and such a fresh, rosy colour.

I use two highlighters; one for special occasions (because it cost me a lot of money), and another for work and everyday. For special occasions I use MAC's Extra Dimenson Skinfinish in Double Gleam - this is truly the most beautiful highlighter I've ever used. For work, I use Revolution's Re-Loaded Lustre Lights Warm Highlighter Palette (CF). I use a mixture of the three shades to the left. The far right shade is far too dark for me. The Revolution palette is lovely, the shades have a bit of sparkle but nothing too 'out there'.

For brows I don't use a pencil anymore, I am all about that effortless cool girl fibre brow gel. I use Benefit's Gimme Brow in the shade 03 which gives my sparse dark blonde brows some oomph by adding colour and fullness. I love this product so much.

To set everything in place, I like to spritz Revolution's Hyaluronic Fixing Spray all over. It is a decent setting spray that gives a little splash of moisture from the hyaluronic. In an ideal world, I would use Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray (CF) which I adore but it's so damn expensive(!)

With lips I tend to stick to balms if I'm going to work, otherwise I'll wear Rimmel's Oh My Gloss! in the shade 130 Purrr... Glossy Cat (bear in mind the first two images on the Superdrug website are wrong, this colour is a natural mauve not a Barbie pink, I suggest image searching this product for a better look). I don't find this lip gloss makes my lips goopy and doesn't do that thing in the corners of your mouth with the white gunk... gross, but you all know what I'm talking about. Another favourite is Revolution's Soph Nude Lipstick in the shade Cake (CF); a perfect pink nude.

If I am putting in more effort for a night out or something, I put on Barry M's Feature Length Mascara (CF). All I want with mascara is for it to lengthen and coat my lashes in a light layer of colour and this mascara does that well. I'm not about clumpy lashes or layering to the point where my lashes weigh my lids down or look like shit falsies. I actually prefer brown mascara but this Barry M one only comes in black.

Eyeshadow-wise I only use (and own) two palettes: the Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette (CF) and the Obsession Be In Love With Eyeshadow Palette (CF) (my favourite). Both have lovely versatile warm shades and nice pops of glittering golds.

And that's it, folks. I'm very much a no-makeup makeup kinda gal as you can tell.

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