Sunday, March 03, 2019

A beautiful khaki green top I recently picked up from the Fat Face sale. Fits like a dream and has beautiful iridescent buttons.

It was my 25th birthday yesterday - I spent most of the day in my pyjamas eating as much food as possible and being with my amazing family. I received a HP Sprocket from everyone which I've been having so much fun with, and I treated myself to a beautiful cotton linen wash bag from HannahRelf because I caught sight of my current one the other day and it looks pretty grim on the inside. Time for a refresh!

Would love to never hear 'window treatments' or 'curtains' ever again after this module tbh.

For the last few weeks I've been busy working through a difficult module on my course, however I've not had a lot of time to work on it this week because of birthday celebrations, being out all day with friends and family, basically enjoying my week off work etc. so I've had to extend the due date which has given me so much relief, I don't feel half as stressed now I know I've got more time.

Next week I need to go into town and photocopy a sketch that needs rendering. I want to use my new watercolour pencils but I tried them out recently and made such a mess of this drawing that I had to throw it away. I figured I'm going to need pleeeenty of photocopies to practice on before I commit.

If all else fails with the watercolour pencils I'll just use normal coloured pencils and keep my fingers crossed that it'll be good enough.

Most of my frames have Little Greene or Farrow & Ball wallpaper samples in them. The tiny frame on the far right has a picture of my brother's dog in it, naturally.

In other news, yesterday my step-dad put up the picture ledges I bought from Rinkit. I was so glad to finally get my pictures back up...

This picture is a cut out from an interiors magazine (I think). I just love that door with the brick and the flowers and the bike wheel poking in frame. Gooorgeous.

The little grey frame with pom poms on it I actually made myself. We had an old photo frame lying around in the spare room so I painted it in Winter Grey by Rust-Oleum and stuck on some lilac wool felt pom poms I got from Etsy. The bottom frame is a rose gold one from Sainsbury's.

My mum also got me this cute lil giraffe planer for my birthday. He now lives on the shelf above my desk. :-)

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I'm happy to be back blogging after a brief and completely unintentional hiatus.

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