A modernised 18th century cottage in Ireland

Saturday, February 16, 2019
Came across this beautiful home on Livingetc and had to share. I'm not often drawn to minimalist interiors because I find they can look characterless, but there's something about the punches of colour in the soft furnishings and artwork (especially the artwork) that really give this place personality, and I really enjoy what the owners have done with the staircase constructed using salvaged railway sleepers (the fact that they're 'floating' is both terrifying and amazing).

This build is in County Clare, Ireland on a secluded hill with no neighbours. It looks like such a peaceful home, and with nothing around but the odd cow grazing outside your living room window - it's basically the dream.

Read more about this home here.

Photographs © Paul Massey. Originally featured in Livingetc.

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