Restored 17th-century stables in Dorset

Thursday, January 10, 2019
St Giles House is owned by the Earl and Countess of Shaftesbury who have transformed their early 17th-century Riding House into wedding guest accommodation, as the house is a sought-after wedding venue. One of the bedrooms is in a loose box with the en suite in another, the sitting room has a bar in the corner that would have been a feed store, and the dining room - where the horses' stalls would have been - showcases the original wooden partitions. 

It's the most unique restoration I've ever seen. So much of the building's originality and charm still shines through. I love that the owners filled the Riding House with old furniture from the St Giles attics or country auctions; it makes the place feel and look so authentic. Nothing looks overly modern or out of place. 

The colours and textures that have been used are so rich and energetic; there is nothing flat or lifeless here. Every square inch of the place exudes character. It may be one of my favourite builds I've ever come across, it's such a treat to the eyes.

Photographs © Paul Massey. Originally featured in House & Garden.

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