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Sunday, January 20, 2019
Understatement of the year: I'm on a bit of a stationery kick right now.

I used to be flat out obsessed with stationery when I was in college and university. I owned so much of it but I did most of my work on a computer using Microsoft Office so most of that stationery went unused. But I still kept it all because I couldn't bare to part with my beloved stationery collection.

Fast forward to about a fortnight ago and I finally let go of a lot of unused memo pads, sticky notes and notebooks I had stashed in my drawers (taking up valuable space). They were old and not my style anymore so I thought it best I recycle them and move on. 

However, I then fell down a rabbit hole of watching people do stationery hauls on YouTube and I couldn't help but find myself stationery shopping once again, but this time I wanted to buy beautiful stationery that was pretty to look at, functional, and sparked joy.

So, I've been spending a lot of time browsing stationery stores online. Here are 5 of my favourite suppliers:

↳ Youse Stationery (shop)
This Sheffield-based online store sells the most beautiful mixture of new, vintage and handmade stationery, desk accessories and cases.

Pictured: Vintage Dinosaur Fountain Pen | Pelican Rubber | Vintage Tin Compass

Papersmiths (shop) ↵
A truly gorgeous, design-led store that stocks stationery, books, magazines, homeware and greetings cards. Stocks hundreds of brands. 

↳ Fox and Star (shop)
My go-to place for Japanese and Korean stationery from brands such as Iconic, Midori, Seeso, Livework, and Paperways.

Pictured: MT Pastel Blue Washi Tape | Seeso Vintage Journal v.3 in Mint | Livework Hexagon Colour Palette Stickers

Pencil Me In (shop) ↵
Stocks the most vibrant and unique new and vintage stationery, greetings cards and prints. Their range of quirky slogan pencil sets are my favourite.

↳ Present & Correct (shop)
The most aesthetically pleasing website on the internet. P&C stock every item of stationery you'll ever need or want.

Pictured: Brass Index Clips | Vintage 360 Protractor | Reporter's Notebook

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