January bedroom details

Saturday, January 05, 2019

A typical dreary January morning. Grey sky, nothing exciting. The Christmas spirit has well and truly left.

I decided this morning I would finally clean and tidy my bedroom - it's been waiting for a good dusting for months - then take photos of my efforts because it will never look this good again (or at least not for a month or two).

Bed cushions are mostly IKEA, Wilko and H&M. Bedding is old as hell, I think it's Wilko but from about 2 or 3 years ago. I only love this one because the colour suits my room so well.

Wall hanging above my bed was made by my best friend for Christmas.

Queen records I haven't got space for, so they live on this shelf for now. Got Queen and Queen II at a record fair a couple of weeks ago for £3 each, probably my two favourite albums of theirs.

I used to be a real magazine hoarder, but now I only keep my favourite issues in two floral magazine files. This one in the photo has back issues of 91 Magazine, Positive News, MADE and Creative Countryside. The other has all the 2018 issues of The Simple Things which will get recycled out as new issues are published.

Candle was a Christmas gift. Brassy cat was also a gift (mentioned here).

Currently housing two huge library books (Romantic English Homes and Perfect English Townhouse) and Mad About the House, a Christmas gift from my brother, on my desk.

The duck egg compact patent Filofax is an old one. You can find it on eBay second hand if you love the colour.

Cotton buds are now stored in a honeycomb jar I got for Christmas which had Burt's Bees lip products in them. The pot I store my makeup brushes in is an oldie but a goodie from IKEA. They sell something very similar here and here.

Too much skincare...! Recently bought this Turmeric Blemish Control Clay Mask from Botanical Lab, have yet to try it though. Heard good things. Also got some brand new The Ordinary products too that I'm a bit scared to use (ones a peeling solution, ones a retinol).

Current wardrobe. Everything's a bit dark with pops of rust and yellow at the moment. Very autumnal, but autumn colours are my absolute favourites.

That's all, folks. What are you up to this rather boring January day? I'll be drawing some finicky scale drawings and inking them in (and trying not to throw a paddy when I fuck them up for the third time). Wish me luck and patience!

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