Merry Christmas one and all

Monday, December 24, 2018

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas. Today I'm visiting grandparents then coming home to continue lounging in my pyjamas and eating festive things.

I hope to have lots more content due in the New Year - December was a quiet one due to coursework, working, bad lighting for photographs, and being a bit skint from buying Christmas gifts. I really want to get back into writing more personal 'everyday life' posts because I miss those. I'd also love to work with some brands in 2019.

I'm grateful for all the views I've received on my blog this year, all the thoughtful comments, and the general niceness of the blogging community both here and on Twitter. Means a lot to this small town gal. I'm chuffed to bits that people even read my words.

There may be a blog post or two go up between now and the New Year but it all depends on how lazy I feel after Christmas. I'm not promising anything.

Hope 2019 brings you all joy and love and success.

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