Handmade festive floral wreath

Friday, December 21, 2018

On Monday evening, my friend and I made some lovely festive floral wreaths. She picked up a ton of gorgeous faux flower stems from The Range along with an embroidery hoop, gold wire, bells, and wooden tree decorations to decorate with. 

Inspired by minimalist, Scandi-inspired wreaths and wall hangings we'd seen on Pinterest and Instagram, we spent some time trying to craft our own. They turned out beautifully, if I may toot my own horn. I went for a similar shape to this wreath from The Makers Society (but swapped all the greenery for lavender), and my friend went for something like this with a more asymmetric, greenery-heavy design.

I added tiny green flower thingies (technical term) because I wanted a touch of bright green to balance out all the lavender. I also added pinecones wrapped in gold wire (please ignore my terrible wire handiwork, I know it's bad) and a glitter hanging decoration in the middle to add a little festive somethin' somethin'.

Would love to try foraging for twigs and greenery in the spring and create something colourful and dramatic to hang in the kitchen.

Got to have a least one jingly bell.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you've made any wreaths yourself this year. It's a lot of fun, I think I may have discovered a new hobby. Hope my parents are looking forward to the house being covered in embroidery hoop wreaths throughout 2019!

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