A wintry stroll around Clumber Park

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Small delights – a clear winter sunset through the natural iron grillwork of black trees, a street lamp shining through ice-encased branches, blue sky glittering, and sun on ice-crusted snow. Loveliness, loveliness.
— Sylvia Plath

My ma and I decided to spend this morning in the icy, foggy, wintry dream that is Clumber Park in December.

I'm trying to lose a bit of weight at the moment, and since nobody on this planet could ever pay me enough money to join a gym or do yoga (can't even touch my toes), I have decided that brisk walking in nature will do the trick instead.

I love nothing more in the winter months than seeing rays of early morning sunlight streaming through trees and mist. Oh, and stepping on frozen puddles. Ah, and hearing the sound of frosty leaves and grass crunching under your boots. Actually, there's quite a lot I love about nature in winter.

Clumber is beyond beautiful in every season, but winter is my favourite.

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