Showcase: charming sleepwear

Friday, August 24, 2018

I'm not ashamed to admit I spend around 90% of my time in my pyjamas. I think a lot of people do, right? No-one hangs around the house in jeans, or I hope they don't. For me, pyjamas double up as sleepwear and loungewear, but I like the idea of having special gorgeous silky PJs just for sleeping in. And I totally would if I had the drawer space. And the money to buy more PJs...

In this showcase I've featured my favourite sleepwear pieces on the web - they're comfortable, pretty, and luxurious with lots of silk, lace, and cotton. Sleepwear should be cute too, and you might actually be able to wear it now the weather's cooling down! Anyone else just completely abandoned their pyjamas at night recently? Yeah.

Hope you guys enjoy this showcase.

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  1. I love sleep/lounge wear, in fact I think a good 60% of my drawer space is just pyjamas and comfy clothing.

    I love the grey nightie and those rose bloom pyjamas look so cosy!xx

    1. Yeah, I think I wear pyjamas more often than actual clothing at this point.

      Those rose bloom ones from Poetry are my faves, they look unbelievably cosy, I can practically feel how soft they are through the screen <3



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