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Saturday, August 18, 2018

I find a lot of my style inspiration on Pinterest. I see an outfit I like, it goes straight into my Attire board for future reference. That board is basically a rundown of my fashion sense and how it's evolved over time and it's interesting to scroll down and see what I used to love 6 months to a year ago.

At the moment I'm hugely influenced by the whole 'French girl' trend - polka dots, silk shirts, white trainers, leopard print, floaty blouses, cropped trousers etc. It's effortless and simple but very stylish. I like to keep my make-up minimal with lots of glow to top it off.

Aside from that I have always adored and admired Julia Engel's style. She nails every colour combination and style and always manages to find the most perfect backdrops for her photographs. Her own line of romantic feminine dresses has me drooling daily.

Below are the four people that influence my fashion choices the most and inspire me on the regular (listed in no particular order). Enjoy!

Clockwise: X, X, X, X.

Ultimate French girl chic. Effortless, classy, understated, sexy. Lots blue denim with splashes of polka dots, satin, leopard print, and see-through knitwear.

Clockwise: X, X, X, X.

Queen of perfecting the slouchy-but-dressy look. Ripped jeans, t-shirts, heels, pops of print, layered jewellery, trainers.

Clockwise: X, X, X, X.

Liv rocks it all: gingham, florals, co-ords, Converse, polka dots, a red lip. Always mixing styles and colours.

Clockwise: X, X, X, X.

Actual Goddess, somehow makes every outfit look like it has come straight out of a fashion editorial. Feminine dresses, tonal layers, classic silhouettes.

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