Exploring Newstead Abbey

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 Newstead Abbey, UK

This morning I suggested to my mum that we go somewhere new and that I would direct her there but not tell her where we were going. Thought it would be exciting to surprise her with a few hours wandering around the majestic Newstead Abbey, somewhere we've passed before (on our way to Nottingham IKEA, naturally) but never been to. 

I've always wanted to visit - I know of Newstead because it was the home to Lord Byron - and figured today, where neither of us had anything planned or a lot of money to spend, would be the perfect day.

If you want to follow our walk through Newstead Abbey, take a look at this map which I'll be referring to throughout.

We started off by heading towards the Great Garden where the huge pool is. We wandered around the small Spanish garden which is swathed in lavender and houses a wishing well in the middle, then headed back through the Monk's Garden to go into the smaller walled garden and Rose Garden.

The Newstead Abbey gardens are the most beautiful I've ever seen. It's such a magical place - lots of manicured shrubs, romantic flowers, cascading water falls, stepping stones over rippling streams, hundreds of flourishing water lilies on the lake... it was like walking into a fairytale.

My favourite area was the Japanese Garden which was the most serene place I've ever been to, so much calming water and greenery and light. The perfect place to relax with a book while dipping your feet into the cool water.

Last two photos are of the smaller walled garden from the great garden above.

After we'd explored outside, we had lunch at the cafe and then bought tickets to explore the house itself. I didn't take any photos inside - I wasn't sure if you were allowed, but also I was so mesmerised by everything I completely forget to get my camera out.

I didn't know much about Lord Byron. I knew he was a poet, that he lived at Newstead for a few years and that he had numerous relationships and scandals, but apart from that I was clueless. I learnt so much about him and his time at Newstead - there are some beautiful items on show inside the house too, my personal favourite being Byron's (totally extra) silver sword-shaped toothpicks.

My mum and I spent a decent amount of time sitting on various benches scattered around the grounds just soaking it all in. A wonderful way to spend a Tuesday morning.

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