Flowers at Dobbies

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Chesterfield, UK


We went to Dobbies Garden Centre on Sunday - a classic British weekend activity, made even better in the summer when flowers are bursting with colour and the bees are out in full force. It's one of my favourite things to do on a slow day. I came home with a tiny succulent plant with the hope that I can keep it alive for longer than two weeks. I have faith this time round.

These were all taken on my phone, but I do have a new camera to play around with that my step-dad has loaned me - a Ricoh GR Digital IV. So far I like it, so let's hope this will be the one I stick with.

As you may already know from my Instagram, I'm kind of a bee stalker. We have lavender in our garden and the bees absolutely love it, and I'm always there taking photos of them. I caught one at Dobbies right in the middle of a yellow flower. It stopped for a second while I took the picture then flew away.

Bees, man. They're the best. Always ready to pose for the Gram.

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