Flowers at Dobbies

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


We went to Dobbies Garden Centre on Sunday - a classic British weekend activity, made even better in the summer when flowers are bursting with colour and the bees are out in full force. It's one of my favourite things to do on a slow day. I came home with a tiny succulent plant with the hope that I can keep it alive for longer than two weeks. I have faith this time round.

These were all taken on my phone, but I do have a new camera to play around with that my step-dad has loaned me - a Ricoh GR Digital IV. So far I like it, so let's hope this will be the one I stick with.

New beauty & skincare additions

Saturday, July 21, 2018

This post contains affiliate links.

I've recently added a few new beauty and skincare products to my daily routine and I thought I'd share them with you. My make-up bag and skincare stash are looking mighty fine at the moment, really pleased with the products I'm buying and using (for once). Hurrah!

This Continuous Setting Mist by Morphe really does have the finest mist I've ever seen. Doesn't spit on your face like some other aggressive setting sprays do, it just feels like fine rain on your skin. Makes your make-up stay decently put *all day. I think the Urban Decay All Nighter is sliiiiightly better, but I don't want to be forking out £25 every time it runs out (I have tried the 30ml bottle but that alone is £10 and runs out really quickly). This Morphe one is a great alternative.

* I don't wear my make-up 'all day' - usually max 6 hours - but works well for that period of time.

Recently bought the Graphic Brow Fix gel and the Graphic Brows pencil by Zoeva (both in the shade Arsenic) and I love how cool-toned they are. I have dirty blonde hair naturally and it is very cool toned, but not many brow products on the high street cater to the cool side. I did a lot of Googling about these products to make sure they were 1) light enough, 2) cool enough before I ordered them, and thankfully, after trying them out for myself, they are. Anyone else struggling for cool-toned brown/dark blonde shades I'd recommend these.

Minimalist homeware

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


I thought today I'd put together a little collection of minimal, natural, and modern homeware as I've found some really gorgeous pieces on the web recently. A lot of seagrass, beech wood, ceramic, and linen. Perfectly understated and harmonious.

Talking nature, clothes, & haircare

Monday, July 02, 2018


So... bit hot, init?

I think I'm coping fairly well. Work is a beast in this weather but when I come home I love taking refreshing cool showers and putting a breezy dress on to spend time in the garden and relax. Our lavender has gone mad this year, one of the pots has doubled in size. The bees are back and lapping it up (pictured above). I have some wildflowers growing in a trough (you can see them in the background) but they've not flowered yet.

The garden is such a nice place to be in the summer. Butterflies, birds, and bees everywhere.

I have recently reorganised my wardrobe - I've put even more winter stuff away (was clinging onto a few woolly cardigans and sweatshirts for no apparent reason) and added loads of swishy, floaty things perfect for this British summer.

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