Adventures in the Peak District

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Stanage Edge, Hope Valley, UK


My friend and I spent today in the Peak District - we climbed a few hills, drove through a valley, and sauntered around a couple of picturesque villages. It's been such a nice relaxing day, I miss the peace and quiet already. A healthy dose of nature and fresh air really does make a huge difference to my mental health.

I hope you enjoy these snaps.

First stop - Stanage Edge. My legs and feet hated me while I was walking up, but thanked me when we got to the top. Want to see some stunning aerial shots of Stanage Edge? Check out this video. Truly breathtaking.

We stopped by the roadside somewhere near Hathersage and ate tiger bread with Philly on fold out chairs, listening to a gentle stream behind us. Pure bliss.

Next we visited Castleton.

Wandering around aimlessly, we managed to get a snap of that Instagram-famous house and then quickly found ourselves wearing sailor caps and singing My Heart Will Go On into a karaoke mic in The Carlton Emporium. Read more about this fabulous and very quirky antique shop (yup, antique shophere.

After having drinks at The Castle, we hopped back into the car and drove to Mam Tor. We didn't walk the whole thing (in fact, we hardly walked it at all), but even from the bottom you get this view:

Still pretty impressive.

It's been a great day, despite the heat and the tired calves. Excited to visit again, maybe next time we'll tackle Mam Tor.

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