The Royal Wedding

Saturday, May 19, 2018


As you may well know, the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place this afternoon. Watching it live on TV was wonderful, but I must admit I was jealous of those who go to see them in Windsor. I would've loved to have been in those Union Jack-waving crowds under that glorious British sunshine, surrounded by truly happy people. They couldn't have asked for better weather and a better setting.

I have no intention of getting married ever, but I love wedding dresses. I loved Meghan's for its simplicity and elegance; that boat neck was perfection, so flattering. At some point in my life I need to try on a wedding dress just so I can pretend I'm a Disney princess for like half an hour and I'll be sorted.

I wanted to post some of the photos from the wedding because I think it was the most beautiful ceremony I've ever seen, and Meghan looked like an actual angel.

Photo: The Independant

Photo: / Christopher Jackson

Photo: Yui Mok

Photo: Hollywood Life

Photo: TimeJonathan Brady

Photo: Hollywood Life

Photo: Allure

Photo: Time

Photo: NY Daily News / Ben Stansall

Photo: Mix 106.3Christopher Jackson

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