Summer essentials

Monday, May 07, 2018
Summer's fast approaching so now is the perfect time to make sure you're organised, comfortable, and protected for your next outing in this glorious, blazing sunshine. I've put together what I think are the ultimate (rather British) summer essentials, enjoy!

1. Sunscreen

I'm a pasty white gal and I burn very easily, so I need the highest SPF and UVA protection I can find. I also want to avoid premature wrinkles and skin cancer, obvs. I use Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen (£7.50 for 2 x 100ml) because it has 5 star UVA protection, it's non-greasy, and it's hypoallergenic. It works well under make-up, doesn't leave a white cast on your skin, and doesn't have an overpowering scent.

2. Sandals

If you're looking for comfort, style, and practicality in a sandal, I'd recommend a pair of Salt-Water Sandals (£59.50) - I love the Original red ones. Salt-Water sandals have rust-proof buckles so can be worn in water (a bonus if you're at the beach) and they are durable so they will last you years.

3. Hat

I'm not a hat person at all, but if I was to wear one (which I probably should more often), I'd pick this Hello Sunshine straw floppy hat from STORY (£18.00). It's simple, cute, and does the job.

4. A summer dress

I love this lemon-embroidered dress from Cath Kidston (£70.00) made from light, cotton chambray. Looks like a classic denim dress but isn't as weighty or thick, so it's perfect for summer.

5. Water bottle

I love Bobble bottles (£8.99) because they have a filter in them which means you can fill up at any tap and not worry about the water tasting of chemicals.

6. Cardigan

For cool evenings and for extra shoulder/arm protection in the sun, you may want to wear something like this blue H&M fine-knit cardigan (£12.99). It's casual, perfectly slouchy, and has those easy breezy dolman sleeves so you won't sweat to death or feel too wrapped up.

7. Sunglasses

Another obvious one. I love these Dirty Dog tortoise-shell sunnies (£49.99). They have Polarised lenses so you won't get that horrible glare when you're driving in the sun or looking at anything bright and reflective like snow or water. There are also 4 UVA filters in the lenses so your eyes will be sufficiently protected.

8. Swimsuit

Never liked bikinis, so I opted for this yellow knot-detail swimsuit from H&M (£24.99) instead. It has a plunging neckline, an exposed back, and adjustable straps, and looks like it would be very flattering around the tummy.

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