Spring flowers & beauty boxes

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

We went to a garden centre on Sunday, as is mandatory during a British summer. We picked up some more flowers for the garden (not the ones above, sadly) and I bought a bag of wildflower seeds so I can fill the troughs up again this year and get those bees coming back. Never felt so accomplished as I did when my wildflowers started to sprout last summer (plants seem to die just from me looking at them, so this was a big feat for me.)

It's been an average week - worked, napped, chilled in the sun, had a couple of barbecues etc. I've discovered a YouTube channel where two Aussie girls destroy make-up and I love it. You get over the 'holy crap that product is £40 don't do that' feeling really quickly, and then it becomes oddly enjoyable.

I mentioned in my last 'life' post that I had bought some Glossier products - I absolutely love the Cloud Paint, it is everything I've ever wanted in a blush product (the tiniest speck on each cheek will coat them perfectly). The Birthday Balm Dotcom is like soft glittery jelly and makes me feel like a bubblegum-blowing 90s girl when I wear it on my lips.

I have also recently decided to trial Birchbox. I used to subscribe to Glossybox when I was a teen but I was always a bit underwhelmed by the products. Seeing as I have stopped paying the Student Loans Company (for now), I figured I would try out a beauty subscription box with that spare money and see what goodies they send me. Nice thing is you can cancel at any time.

Hope you guys have a great Bank Holiday. I will be working, so get out and enjoy the sun for me.

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