10 things that have happened lately

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

1.I bought cute new bedding from Wilko - pink and grey, a classic combo.

2.I recieved my first Glossier order through the post - I tried very hard not to succumb to the hype but I finally caved and bought some Dusk Cloud Paint and the Birthday Balm Dotcom.

3.I bought a dehumidifier off Amazon for my bedroom so hopefully I'll be able to breathe soon.

4.I started taking apple cider vinegar tablets to help with my underactive thyroid - they regulate hormone levels and help you lose weight if you're struggling to with hypothyroidism. The smell reminds me of proper seaside chippy vinegar and I kind of love it, although I could never drink the stuff.

5.I've decided to look after my skin more - once pay day arrives, I'll be buying myself a dry brush, body oil, jade facial roller, foam roller (for my back and shoulder pain), and a big ol' bag of epsom salts.

6.I'm also trying to incorporate more gluten free food into my diet to see if I can figure out what's up with my gut. I'm fairly certain I'm not a celiac, but I feel like it's wheat that is causing me the most grief.

7.I've become a bit obsessed with commentary channels on YouTube - a few faves are BionicPIG, ImAllexx, Cody Ko, WillNEElvis the Alien, and Leon Lush. Recommended if you like listening to funny people talking about current events/pop culture/the internet.

8.I discovered my MacBook needs a battery service... 💸

9.I watched Avengers: Infinity War nearly two weeks ago and I still haven't recovered emotionally. Anyone else struggling to come to terms with that ending?

10.It got hot in England! On Sunday we ate honey and sweet chilli sauce-covered chicken, the scrummiest sausages ever, fried potatoes, and salad sat outside in the glorious sunshine. Those humid late spring/early summer days are some of my favourites (although it does get too much after a bit).

Hope you guys have a great week.

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