Painting buttons & making coffee

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ignore the gloopy white one, that was a fail.


The last few weeks have been busy but very fun. I didn't think I'd have time to blog this week but I have today off so I'm writing this before my motivation disappears.

My CraftStash order arrived last week so I sat down and painted some of the wooden buttons I bought. I played around with my acrylic paints and some of my super skinny paint brushes and unintentionally created some Mickey Mouse-themed buttons, so I'm planning to either glue some of these together and make a brooch (to join my ever-growing collection) or put them in a picture frame and make some sort of Disney artwork.

I also recently received a little order from LookFantastic - I'm trying a new facial cleanser as my Organic Surge one is running low and I thought I'd try something new for a change (the Organic Surge Face Wash is magnificent, by the way). I bought a 30ml bottle of the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil to try out and I love it. It's weird because to me, cleaning your face with oil sounds like it wouldn't work at all, but this stuff stripped off a full face of make-up in one go. It doesn't leave your skin feeling tight either. Magical.

So between painting buttons and trying out new cleansers, I bagged myself a new job.

I'm back being a barista at the exact same place I used to work, but it's now a different company, different brand, and different owner (new boss!). I'm a lot happier and I get to play around with a brand new coffee machine which I loooove. I'm working with some of my old colleagues and everything is sunshine and rainbows again. Opening day was yesterday and it went really well. Above is the first cappuccino I made on the new machine, topped off with a perfect chocolate heart.

Last week I was also helping set the place up so we spent a few long days unpacking, fitting, decorating, setting up, cleaning, and rearranging. It was knackering but well worth it.

I'm glad for the day off but I'm so excited to get back at it tomorrow.

In completely unrelated news, Primark sells my new favourite t-shirt in the world and I must share my happiness. I'm slightly obsessed with Spider-Man: Homecoming (if it wasn't obvious from my Tweets) and this t-shirt spoke to me. Usually slogan t-shirts - especially in Primark - are so cringe I just can't buy them no matter how cute they look, but this one actually put a smile on my face. Plus: sequin Spidey! What's not to love?

And lastly, my ma and I went to Lincoln last week. I'd heard the St Barnabas Hospice on Lincoln's High Street has opened a Harry Potter pop-up shop. It was fairly small but had a nice selection of merch including some from the (sort of) new Hogwarts Express collection. 

St Barnabas Hospice also has a lovely little antiques/vintage section in the back (pictured above) so it's worth a visit if you're in Lincoln. I'm fairly sure they still have vintage and retro clothing upstairs too.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far! Today I'm mostly going to chill at home and watch a stupid amount of YouTube videos, but I'm tempted to go for a walk to make the most of this lush weather.

P.S. St Barnabas are also introducing Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel merch in the coming months. 💸 I know where my wages are going.

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