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Thursday, April 05, 2018


My ma and I went to Chesterfield yesterday. Despite the on-and-off rain, we had a nice few hours wandering around a couple of shops and having lunch at our favourite Peacocks Coffee Lounge

First on my to-do list was to return a L'Oreal concealer (I couldn't have got the shade more wrong if I'd tried) then pick up the Maybelline Fit Me! concealer in the shade Ivory instead (I've heard positive things). It's nice so far, very creamy. 

My skin is actually behaving very well lately. My spots are fading and I can get away with just wearing a BB cream more often instead of piling on the foundation. I prefer wearing a BB cream anyway, it feels lighter on my skin and I love the natural finish. I'm absolutely in love with the BB cream by GOSH in the shade Sand, it evens out my skin tone so beautifully. I really want the Glossier Skin Tint but I want to use up my GOSH one before I try something else. I'm trying to be frugal now I'm jobless (sob) but it's proving very difficult...

I also recently ordered some things from eBay - a little tester pot of the NARS Sheer Glow foundation in the shade Siberia (LOL it's practically the colour of snow, I'm obsessed), the most gorgeous lilac floral tissue box cover (because I'm extra), some reusable beeswax food wraps (read more about those here), and a replacement filter for my Bobble bottle (a lifesaver when your tap water tastes like straight up chemicals). So I have a fair few parcels coming my way in the next few days.

Ya girl has no self control.

In other news, I made another brooch!

How cute are these wooden Scrabble tiles?! I kind of like it more as a decoration to be honest, I'm scared that the glue I used for the brooch back is naff and it will break if I try and pin it on something. For now it's chilling on my shelf. I might wear it as a name tag at my next job, I don't think anyone will mind...

After playing around with some bits and bobs from my mum's craft box today, I went online and bought myself some wooden buttons (I'm going to paint them!!) and the most stunning buttons by the V&A which are adapted from textiles in the V&A's collection, all from CraftStash. They're going to make some truly beautiful brooches if I do say so myself. Excited to get making more things now I have an abundance of time on my hands.

Hope you guys have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend.

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