Clashing kings & flowering aubrietas

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It's been a wee while hasn't it?

I worked my last shift at the coffee shop yesterday. The place closes on Thursday and although I'm going to miss it, I'm hopeful for things to come. It's been a difficult few months dealing with redundancy so I have to admit I felt a bit of relief when I came home, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. However, being unemployed isn't fun, so until I find another job I'll be filling my spare time with films, thrift shopping, napping, writing, reading, spring cleaning, possibly some painting and even maybe some city sightseeing (all depending on how far my money can stretch).

I'm determined to not make unemployment too depressing - of course I feel anxious being out of work, but I'm fortunate enough to live at home and not have to pay any big bills (apart from to the Student Loans Company, damn them). All I can do is be patient and positive.

In other news, spring is here! The aubrietas are starting to flower (above) but other than these purple lovelies, our garden looks rather unloved. It's time to get the gardening gloves out the garage and get to work.

I recently picked A Clash of Kings back up after a... 2 year... hiatus... oops. This book is a chunky fella, I can plough through 40 pages and not even make a dent in it. I found it overwhelming at first which is why I put it back on my shelf, but I've been missing the wonderful world of Westeros and thought it was about time I tried again. I'm aiming to get ACoK finished before the show returns next year but I'm not holding out hope. Fun fact: A Clash of Kings is 928 pages long. THAT'S TOO MANY PAGES. I can't cope.

Anyone here been watching Mum on BBC2? It's a fantastic show, very real and funny and sweet. I think it has just aired its series 2 finale, but I'm sure you can catch up on iPlayer if you want. I highly recommend it. Series 3 films in the summer and I'm already so stoked for its return.

One last thing: I finally watched Thor: Ragnarok on Monday and it was so good, so much better than I expected. I love fun, outlandish, silly Marvel.

Happy hump day, hope the rest of the week is kind to you.

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