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Friday, March 09, 2018

Watching: Jessica Jones S2, Call the Midwife S7, and Jane the Virgin S4. Because the weather's still rubbish all I've been doing on my days off is watching catch up TV and YouTube in bed.

Listening to: A lot of Queen, and George Ezra's new song 'Paradise'.

Reading: The Simple Things and Country Living magazines, two of my regular reads. Their March issues have me very excited for spring and being able to spend more time in the garden reading and bee-watching.

Eating: Pancakes. Like, almost every day. And I'm going through a cheese toastie obsession, but I swap out normal bread for Warburtons sandwich thins because it doesn't make them feel as stodgy.

Drinking: The usual water and OJ, but I've been thinking about all those gin and cranberry juices I'll be drinking in the summer poured over ice.

Loving: The fact that the sun has been rising earlier and earlier each day. Light at 6:30am is a welcome sight.

Wearing: On Wednesday I debuted my new stripey Fat Face number I bought in York (in the colour 'Dandelion'). It fits like a dream and feels so soft and comfortable. It's rare I buy something from Fat Face and it isn't utterly perfect.

Feeling: Quite deflated. I haven't talked about this on my blog yet, but my colleagues and I have been made redundant because our place of work is closing. I've been job-hunting since January and have had little luck so far. Work's difficult now because we're incredibly low on stock, staff are unmotivated, and customers are few and far between. Not a fun time. I just want to find a new job already and move on, y'know? I am not a patient person.

Thinking: About how I can step my blog game up. I'm always thinking about this, but more so recently. I feel like my content is good but I never get any feedback or comments. It's as if I'm talking to myself, which is fine (I'm used to it believe me) but not ideal. I'd like to try and get some sort of community on here and encourage conversation. I would love to socialise more with readers and other bloggers, so if you're in a similar boat or you want to help a girl out, feel free to strike up conversation with me on Twitter or leave some constructive criticism below. I just want to feel like I'm part of something and not just blogging on the sidelines and looking in.

Wishing for: A job offer please and thanks! Oh, and some warmth so I can leave the house without a coat on.

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