5 things I do to unwind after a long day

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

1. Have a bath or shower. 🛀
I love getting in from work feeling sweaty and gross and diving straight into a hot shower. I love washing all the cakey foundation off my face and rinsing the smell of coffee from my hair (I'm a barista, fyi). I feel like when I've had a bath or shower it means work is officially done for the day. Good or bad day, it's over with and I can finally put my feet up. And whip that damn bra off.

2. Watch something funny. 😂
I watch a lot of YouTube and I follow quite a few comedy channels. I love a good laugh (who doesn't?) so watching something funny will improve my mood and chill me out instantly. True relaxation to me is wrapping myself up in bed like a burrito and watching videos on my iPad until I get square eyes. 

3. Put my baggiest, fleeciest, cosiest clothes on. 👚
Fleece-lined joggers, oversized jumper, fluffy socks, no bra, and no cares. One of the most satisfying things in the whole world is taking off a tight, uncomfortable pair of jeans and wiggling into some baggy joggers. My belly is just so happy when it doesn't have big metal buttons and zips sticking into it. I can practically hear my skin breathing a sigh of relief.

4. Read a magazine. 📓
Two of my favourites are The Simple Things and Breathe - both very wholesome, down to earth reads that leave me feeling inspired. If typical women's fashion and celebrity gossip magazines fry your brain, I'd try looking into lifestyle magazines. As well as the two above, I also recommend Oh Comely, Frankie (an Australian mag, but available in large WHSmith stores in the UK), and Creative Countryside.

5. Spend my evenings outside (in the summer, of course!) 🌞
Obviously I won't be doing this in the middle of winter, but when it gets warmer and the day's get longer, I love to relax outside. I like setting my feet free and getting them a bit dirty in the garden and I love sitting on the patio and watching the bees. Gardening is also something I enjoy when it gets warm, and tending the garden at 7pm after a tiring day is pure bliss.

What do you like to do to unwind?

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