Spring wardrobe 2018

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Despite temperatures being in the 0-5°C territory and it trying to snow every five minutes, I have been feeling very spring-y recently. I can't wait for blue skies, sun, blossom, and greenery. I can't wait to put my chunky coats away and wear flats without my feet getting frostbite.

I'm just so, so excited for the day I can leave the house without wearing four layers, y'know?

I thought I'd inject as much colour and print as possible to this year's spring wardrobe. I'm tired of all the dark and drab clothes in shops at the moment; I get that moody colours are 'in' this time of year, but we're in February now and to me February is fresh and youthful and bright, it always feels to me like the proper end to winter. Dark and damp January has been and gone and we're finally seeing  those long-awaited signs of spring. (snowdrops! daffodils! colour! life!)

Hope you enjoy the items I've chosen, let me know if you pick anything up!

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