Holy grail product: Astral face & body moisturiser

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Shortly after publishing my skincare routine, I stumbled upon Astral.

I was having a couple of issues with Weleda - I don't think my skin was as dry as I thought it was, therefore Weleda wasn't doing much for me on a day to day basis. I still love Skin Food, it is an actual miracle product, but now I just use it in more concentrated dry areas and not all over my face all of the time. I needed something lighter and less greasy (Skin Food takes a long time to soak in which is why it makes the perfect night cream!) and so with some Googling I stumbled across the most old school moisturiser I've ever seen.

Astral face and body moisturiser is one of those products anyone under 30 would probably bypass. It's been going since 1953 and it's the kind of face product your gran would use. This is what I thought at first anyway, but after doing some research it turns out this cream is raved about by celebs and, well, pretty much everyone everywhere. Plus it's cheap as chips. I had to test this out.

To start off with I bought myself a 50ml pot of Astral Original for £1.29 and a tube of Astral Soft for... wait for it... 15p. Superdrug had a tube of Astral Soft on their clearance shelf for a meager 15 pence, so I snatched it up. I ain't turning down skincare for pennies! Turns out Astral Soft might be my favourite of the two - it's lighter, but it feels just as moisturising as the Original. It also soaks in a teeny bit quicker and I love whacking this stuff on whenever I feel like I need a skin boost on no-makeup days. It's perfection. I like to save the Original for night time when I need a bit more intense hydration.

Apologies for the unflattering close up of my dehydrated cuticles 😅

This stuff has saved my skin. I was getting horrendous spots all over my face - chin, forehead, temples, hairline, nose, even my cheeks which is really rare, and when I started using Astral my face started to clear up quicker than I've ever seen it. My spots are so stubborn so it takes a lot to get rid of them, but these face creams did it with very little effort. I've also started exfoliating my skin more often using little cleansing sponges from Home Bargains for 69p (can I get a hell yeah) which has given me baby-soft skin. I am so impressed. 69p cleansing sponges and 15p face moisturisers is all it takes, apparently(!)

If you have combination skin, I'd recommend Astral products. The Original comes in three different sizes, each of them under £10, however I'd give the product a sniff before you purchase - the creams have a musky perfumed rose scent, so if that's not your thing you might want to skip this. I like those old-fashioned kind of scents but I know they're not everyone's cup of tea.

My skin is delicate and spot-prone and neither of the creams or their scent has made my skin red, sore, blotchy, itchy, or break out. Hallelujah! Obviously if you have very sensitive skin, do a patch test before using it on your face to be 100% sure.

This sounds like a #spon but it isn't, honestly. Astral face creams are just really this good. Oh, and cleansing sponges are my new favourite thing. Their gentle (but not too soft) exfoliating texture is perfect for everyday use to thoroughly clean that oily layer of make-up and dead skin off the face without irritating too much. I recommend also!!!

OK, I'm done gushing.

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