Going to York for a few days...

Monday, February 26, 2018


I'm off to York for a few days this week. I'll be going on Wednesday morning and coming back Friday afternoon. Friday is my birthday and I'll be 24! 🎉

We were planning on going to Knaresborough on Thursday but apparently England's going to be hit with some snow this week (the 'Beast from the East' the telly keeps going on about) so I'm thinking it'll be safer to stop within the city walls. I was hoping the weather would warm up and I'd only need to take a couple of chunky cardigans with me but ohhh nooo, it's going to be coat, scarf, and gloves weather for sure. Damn you snowdrops for making me think it's spring.

I've packed most of my suitcase already so tomorrow will be an easy breezy day relaxing in the house. Hope you guys have an excellent week. Expect lots of photos and Stories on my Instagram in the coming days, I'm @katebattlewind.

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