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Thursday, February 01, 2018

It's been a busy ol' week. Been working, been sleeping, been shopping a teeny bit...

I accidentally on purpose defied my self-implemented spending ban while browsing the H&M website recently. They now have free delivery for club members(!) so I obviously had to celebrate by buying something. I picked this cardigan from the sale; it's a toasty one with a very flattering shawl collar in my favourite boring-but-versatile shade, dark grey. Excited to wear it, I feel like I've lived in my work uniform for a thousand years. Ready to put some normal human clothes on!

Also, a week or two before I enforced this 'spending ban', I bought a vintage candlestick from eBay (pictured above) and I've been putting it to the test with my new beeswax candles. It is now probably one of my favourite things I own - look at that handle! So fancy. And as much as I'm loving my beeswax candles so far, they burn real fast. Like, blink and they're gone fast. I'm going to buy more but I kinda wish they'd chill out and slow down so I can savour them.

P.S. Mini light-box is from Sainsbury's.

February's issue of The Simple Things arrived through my letterbox last week. My brother bought me a year's subscription for Christmas so I get to look forward to a brand-spanking new magazine being delivered to my house once a month. How luxurious.

As per usual, February's issue is a delight. My Instagram photo I tagged them in even got reposted on The Simple Things' Insta! It has 653 likes so far, which is mind-blowing to me.

Hope you guys have an excellent weekend. I have no plans as of yet, but I hope the sun shows its face at least once. I've been enjoying that bright winter sun.

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