Wet weather & bargain jewellery in Bakewell

Tuesday, January 02, 2018
Bakewell, UK

This morning my ma and I set off for Bakewell for what was probably the wettest day we've had so far this winter. Usually we'd rearrange a trip if the weather was naff but we decided to go anyway because I was dying to go to Fat Face and check out their sale.

Surprisingly, I didn't see or like a great deal when I got there - it's always the case when you've got a load of gift cards to spend - but I did find a highly discounted necklace and matching bracelet that I thought would look pretty in the summer over a floaty white dress or top.

Necklace: £10.00 (was £28.00!), Bracelet: £4.00 (was £14.00!). Not available on the website but may be available in your nearest store.

We then had a quick look in Edinburgh Woollen Mill and I picked up some fleece lined leggings. Fleece. Lined. I've seen them around before in Primark etc. but never saw the appeal (sweaty af!!!) but after today my opinion has changed; fleece lined leggings are the future. The thin puny leggings I had on in Bakewell were no match for the freezing cold rain let me tell you.

Bakewell looks so gothic and moody in the winter. Excited to come back when it's a bit brighter and dryer though. Love me a bit of Peak District in the sunshine.

Hope you guys had a fab New Year. We took the Christmas trimmings down yesterday and it broke my heart a tiny bit. The house looks so sad now.

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