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Sunday, January 07, 2018
Unrelated yet cute photo.

Watching: QI, Insert Name Here, Would I Lie to You? - basically all things BBC and panel show-y. Can't cope with anything too heavy at the moment. Oh, I've also been binge watching sophdoesnails videos on YouTube. I like her make-up reviews and the fact she tries make-up from cheap and cruelty free brands like Essence, Collection, and MUA.

Reading: I just finished reading The Mystery Knight graphic novel by George R. R. Martin. Loved it, but only realised after doing some research that it's the 3rd in a series, so I'm going to have to buy the others soon. I can get through graphic novels like nobody's business - I'm much more of a visual person than a 'wordy' person. If every novel could be turned into a graphic novel I'd be chuffed to bits.

Eating: Marks & Spencer's cool tortillas, Hotel Chocolat's caramel everything, and Wotsits. Like, a shed load of Wotsits. Yes, my diet is very healthy and nutritional, I know. It's truly inspiring.

Drinking: Plain old water. Occasionally OJ.

Loving: The fact that Christmas is over. Anyone else get a little fed up with it by the end of December/beginning of January? I don't want to look at another Christmas decoration, listen to a Christmas song, or even say or hear the word 'Christmas' for at least 10 months.

Feeling: Happy with my blog and the progress I'm making - it's been slow, but I feel motivated to push on and grow my readership and blogging skills no matter how long or how much effort it takes. Those that do read my ramblings - thank-you. My blog is currently a seedling and I'd love to see it become a sapling in 2018.

Thinking: About how I can be a little more conscious. I want to stop multitasking so much (I'm rubbish at it anyway) and start focusing all my attention on one thing and do it well. I love being on the computer and having some YouTube videos on my iPad next to me but I'd like to limit how often I do that. I'd also like to limit how often I sit watching shows in bed and simultaneously scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Technology is addictive and I find it hard to break away from even when I want to. People who do digital detoxes - how?!?

Hope you guys are having a great weekend. I'm working today but it's an easy-breezy shift. Excited to book some time off over my birthday soon and then I can start thinking about what I want to do for my 24th... 

A part of me fancies a two-night stay in London but I can already hear my bank account crying. So much £££... Another part of me wants to spend a few days in the peace and quiet of the Peak District. Somewhere nice like Buxton, Castleton or Hathersage. Not sure, any recommendations?

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