More Christmas decorations & a festive visit to York

Friday, December 08, 2017
York, UK


Hope you've had a good week. We finished putting the rest of the Christmas trimmings up a few days ago. The garland is up and adorned with lights and decorations, the wreaths are jingling nicely on the doors, and the Christmas tea towels are out in full force.

The house smells like oranges and cinnamon and there's always a bad Christmas movie on telly. It's bliss. Makes me even more excited to come home at the end of the day, which I didn't think was possible.

On Tuesday my family and I went to York to do some Christmas shopping. My mum managed to tick a few names off her Christmas shopping list, while I was pretty much there to spend money on whatever caught my eye, and my step-dad was there to take some snaps of the city with his fancy camera.

I got a few bits from Primark (nothing overly exciting), lots of very delicious chocolate from Hotel Chocolat (their caramel chocolate is life-changing, please try it if you haven't already) and a gift I spotted on Christmas market that would be perfect for my manager's little boy. This will be his first Christmas so I wanted to get him something special and fun.

We saw a fantastic band performing in St Helen's Square called Hyde Family Jam. Check them out on YouTube if you like punchy folk and blues music. They were so passionate and put their absolute heart and soul into the music. Give them a like on Facebook and/or buy their CDs. Really regretting not picking a CD up while I was in York but I'm adding both of them to my post-Christmas shopping list.

It was a lovely day - bitterly cold, but very lovely and festive. We were getting tired by 3:30pm so we left the centre and decided to wander around the Designer Outlet for an hour to see what bargains we could find (turns out not that many). We were truly pooped after that. My legs were gone and all I wanted in life was to stuff my face with caramel chocolate and snooze.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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