The remnants of autumn & foraging for chestnuts

Thursday, November 02, 2017

My ma and I went out on Tuesday to Retford to do a bit of shopping - nothing hardcore, just the essentials - and to have a nice little wander around Kings Park because I wanted to find some conkers and bring them home to decorate. I know that sounds like something a six year old might do, but imagine how cute they'd look hanging on the Christmas tree?!

I'm guessing that conkers are long gone by now because I couldn't find a single one wherever we went. Instead we found a ton of chestnuts which I will get onto in a moment.

So first we roamed around Kings Park and basked in the last of the autumn colours...

Kings Park is very beautiful so I didn't really mind wandering around aimlessly. Shame we didn't find any conkers but I still enjoyed a good leaf-kicking.

After we'd done shopping and roaming, we drove back home, picked up a McDonalds, and ate it in the car park of yet another park. We were determined to go home with something foraged from the woods, so after we devoured some chicken nuggets and cold chips we set off on another woodland adventure.

Doesn't that first tree look like the Eye of Sauron? I wish I could Photoshop an eye in the middle of those spikes.

This little forest is quite magical. It's one of my local faves. I love the red sandstone you can see protruding from the ground - apparently it's Bunter sandstone caused by abrasion (possibly a river that was once there?) that forms an escarpment (cliff, basically). You learn something new every day!

Obviously we came to this forest to find conkers, but instead we came across a gazillion chestnuts and decided to take some home in a little sandwich bag.


So that was my easy-going Tuesday. I had a lovely day, finished off with watching Wonder Woman in bed with half a share bag of Wotsits. The dream!

Hope you guys are having a great week so far.

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