Christmas gift wrap ideas

Saturday, November 04, 2017

I'm back with more Christmas content! It may only be November, but most people will have already bought at least one or two prezzies already (I certainly have). November is my preferred month to go Christmas shopping - it's after the Halloween buzz has died down, and it's before the true Christmas madness begins.

If you have some presents already ticked off your list, then you may now be thinking about gift wrap. So here I am with five gift wrap sets for you guys to shop - obviously you can pick out individual products or shop the whole set I've put together, whichever you fancy. Go wild! I focused mainly on wrapping paper in this post but I have included a small selection of gift bags and boxes at the end.


 1. Traditional red 'n green: 


 2. Metallic starry night: 


 3. Festive veggies: 


 4. Simply Scandi: 


 5. Contemporary chic: 


 Miscellaneous gift bags and boxes: 

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