Too much shopping & some music recs

Friday, October 20, 2017

I did quite a bit of online shopping last week, I think I was feeling a bit ~spendthrifty, so this week I've been inundated with exciting parcels...

I ordered a bunch of The Ordinary products (currently testing and loving so far), some Rituals Yogi Flow foaming shower gel (free thanks to Tanya Burr's code, I just paid P&P), a floral mouse mat (pictured above), a wonderful Tiny Rick embroidered hoop, a pair of Leigh jeans, and Tanya's new Christmas book (which my kind ma is picking up for me tomorrow from WHSmith - I bought a signed copy!). Online shopping is dangerous and should be illegal for my debit card's sake.

Despite spending so much already, I then decided it would be clever to go shopping again today (except not on the internet). I got some festive slippers, some peachy make-up (similar in appearance and scent to the Too Faced eye palette), and a lil bottle of Jasmine & Honey perfume from Primark (FYI, Primark perfumes are great for work because they're cheap and last ages). Also got a black pleated skirt from Sainsbury's and a box of cute pastel pens from Debenhams. Like you do.

Billie Eilish / Photo: CC Weske

In other news, I've been listening to a lot of music recently and putting my nifty Bose speaker to some good use. I'm obsessed with Morrisey's new song (basically my anthem), 'Ocean Eyes' by Billie Eilish, 'Glasgow Kisses' by Estrons, 'The Way You Used to Do' by Queens of the Stone Age, and 'Beautifully Unconventional' by Wolf Alice (a rec from my brother). Also been enjoying RAT BOY's debut album, SCUM. Listen to its entirety here on iTunes.

Planning to get Spent the Day in Bed on vinyl when it's released at the end of November because it has a live cover of 'Judy is a Punk' on the B-side and I love that song.

If you have any music recommendations for me feel free to drop them in the comments or @ me on Twitter - I like pretty much anything and everything. 🎵

Hope you guys have a good weekend. I'm working tomorrow but I'm off Sunday so I'll no doubt spend the day cosied up in bed with Netflix (because I'm now on a spending ban).

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