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Saturday, October 28, 2017
This post contains gifted items. All photos and opinions are completely my own.

Hi! I've got a special post for you guys today.

The kind folks at generously gifted me one of their fantastic bathroom hampers to test out. is run by just five employees(!) who craft some of the most unique handmade soaps and bath bombs I've ever seen. They stock a lot of SLS-free stuff and they strive to use only animal-friendly, eco-friendly and natural ingredients. A brand I can get behind.

Clockwise: Lavender & Rosemary Solid Shampoo Bar | Vanilla Olive Oil Artisan Soap Slice | Retro Bath Bomb (low stock!) | Pink Bath Heart (the one I have isn't on the website at the moment, but these two are very similar!)

First product I tried out was the Lavender & Rosemary shampoo bar. I tried a shampoo bar from Lush a long time ago and I liked it because it thoroughly cleaned my hair of all the hairspray I used to cake on (back when I had a full fringe, shudder) so I had high hopes for this.

This shampoo bar includes one of my favourite scents of all time - lavender. It's relaxing and helps me drift off when I need to, but I also find it refreshing and clean. We grow lavender in the garden so when it dries it at the end of summer, I bag it up and keep it in my wardrobe to keep my clothes smelling nice. I also love dropping lavender oil into the bath.

This shampoo bar did everything I expected it would - lathered really well, cleansed my scalp, and smelled amazing. It rinsed out lovely too. I've been using it once a week in between by usual shampoo.

While trialling the shampoo bar, I also tested the Vanilla & Olive Oil soap. This little slice has an earthy, almond-y smell with a kick of sweet vanilla. It's so, so moisturising especially when applied straight to the skin (instead of a sponge or a shower scrunchie). It's so silky and luxe.

The pretty pink Bath Heart 

Next up was the Bath Heart. This was on the website when I checked a week or two ago but now I can't find it. It smelled of vanilla and wild berries so I'd suggest this product if you want to experience a similar scent. 

This product was legit beautiful. The smell was seriously 💗. It fizzed away in the water and turned the bath a bright shade of Barbie pink. The smell made the entire top floor of the house smell so good for hours afterwards.

The punchy Candy Apple Margarita

Next was the Candy Apple Margarita Fizzy Bath Bomb. This smelled, as you can expect, pretty spectacular. It's got that classic fresh apple scent with added tartness. I plopped it in and watched it turn the water a lucid lime green while the red glitter bobbed around on the surface. Not my favourite of bath colours, admittedly, but its scent cancelled out its appearance.

Like the heart, this one made the house smell amazing afterwards. It also lingered on my skin which I love.

Next I tried the Retro bath bomb which smelled incredible and looked pretty awesome swirling around in the water - no pics unfortunately, my camera sort of... gave up on life. The smell was probably my favourite out of all the products I tried. It was fruity and fragrant and very luxurious like an expensive perfume. Loved it.

And last but not least was the Cola Cubes Fizzy Bath Bomb. Now, I don't like cola and I really don't like the smell of cola, but this bath bomb doesn't have an overpowering cola scent (otherwise it'd probably be like having a bath in fizzy pop and I don't think anyone wants that). This bath bomb has a refreshing fruity smell to it (that'll be the lemon and lime) and a hint of spicy cinnamon. 

Unfortunately this bath bomb has sold out on the website, but I'm sure in time it'll come back in stock. Looks like it was really popular, and for good reason too. Like the Candy Apple bath bomb, the scent of this lingered on my skin for ages.

So, I pretty much loved everything in my hamper. If you want bath products that are, 1) beautifully and richly scented, 2) cheaper than Lush (no offence Lush), and 3) has a little bit of pizazz (glitter, petals, and sweets are common bath product additions), then I would highly recommend paying their website a visit.

If you want to get your hands on your own luxury bathroom hamper, click here - you can put your own hamper together or buy a pre-made one, whichever you fancy. You can even order a Monthly Soaprise which is basically a bath bomb subscription service. Perfect.

Thanks for reading!

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